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C.3.1 Limitations On The Crew

Chris Howell

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(a) The crew shall consist of 3 or 4 persons.

(B) No crew member shall be substituted during the world championship and any event of 6 or less consecutive days, without the approval of the race committee or Jury.




How is this rule working?    What crew weight works best for your team?

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I bought the boat when the rule was 614 lbs.


I thought this was great to be able to sail with three up and I enjoy sailing with three and it's easier to find crew.  It solves the crew problems associated with J24's and Melges24.  Lighter crews can add a fourth.  I think it is too crowded with four.


I was pretty bummed when the optimal weight turned out to be 700 lbs.


Now I am under weight and have to find someone 75-100 lbs. if I want to be competitive. It adds more logistics finding that fourth crew that I was hoping to avoid with the J70. 


Ron Thompson


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