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Shroud Third Hands


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We have been selling lots of Third Hands and carbon bars to make tuning your J/70 much quicker and easier.  We also have a Carbon rig tool that works great for tuning and won't beat up your turnbuckles


Check out our website for more information - http://sail22.com/J70/


We have had some people that have changed their shrouds and so our Third Hands no longer work.  The factory ones are metric from Southern Spars.  US companies have Standard parts so the sizing is different.  We are working on a bigger set.  This can be an issue if you only changed out one set.  To solve this problem you can file out the current one on one side using a flat file.  Look for an aggressive file to start and a more fine one to finish off.  Use a vice to keep the part steady.  The carbon bars will still work.




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