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Common Maintenance Tips


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We have been asked regularly about some maintenance items for the J/70.  Since we have been involved with the boats for almost a year now I thought I would put some notes down here.


Furler Drum - Early on these drums had some issues.  The nature of the problem has been a couple of items.  First there has been found some fiberglass dust from the build process and also a small cheap line.  We pulled the furler on Hull #14.  Seemed pretty clean but we had hosed it out a lot when we had some stickiness and lubed from above with Infinilube.  We also upsized the furling line.  Harken tells us you can go up to 6mm for that line.  We went up to 5mm.


Furler Swivel - If you have an older boat and having issues check the swivel on the forestay wire.  Some were put on upside down.  The ring that holds the swivel together should go on top.  This way gravity can't cause any issues either.


Keel - The keel has very little space when raised.  Make sure you secure the keel when transporting.  We are working on some Delrin Wedges for travel. Something a little more permanent than the wood ones that the newest boats have been getting from the factory.  Make sure that both sides are not touching.  We will let you know when we have proper wedges to purchase.  It is not recommended to travel with the keel crane in the boat.  Wear on the bottom of the sleeve will eventually cause problems later on.


We will update more late.  Let us know if you have any other questions.

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We experienced the same problems with the fuller, but with repeated fresh water cleaning followed by regular lubrication with McLube one drop, the fuller has worked quite well.  We also had a custom fuller line made by APS taking a 24' 6mm dynema core and adding two covers resulting in an 8mm line that is easy on the hands.  No more complaints about the fuller.

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We have had recurrent damage to our keel when transporting, including on delivery.  We followed the dealer's instructions to the letter.  Recently, we repaired the keel for the fifth time.  I called JBoats and they gave us a procedure that is very different from what we were told initially.


First, after putting the boat on the trailer, leave the keel suspended while strapping the boat down to the trailer.  Next, place 6" wide by 0.031" thick nylon sheeting(http://www.mcmaster.com/#orders/=uz8rcb) along both sides and the front of the keel, moving it side to side to allow the sheeting to move into place.  Use a piece of split hose to protect the trailing edge.  Tape the sheets in place and lower the keel.  Put the wedges in place.  Strap the keel down and back.  They recommend covering the keel to prevent road debris from entering the keel box.


They tell me that they have had no damage to their keels since using this procedure.


Bruce McDonald #50

Austin, TX fleet 14

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