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Keel Protectors

Guest Dab155

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I assume you want a travel solution...  If you want the quick solution, Sail22 has the wedges (delrins):  http://store.sail22.com/j-70/accessories/j-70-keel-protectors/


Our less glamorous method:

1) We use a piece of cut hose for the trailing edge (pushed down into the trunk),


2) We wrap the forward edge & sides with a clear desk protector (again wiggled down into the trunk) - 



3) We then slide rubber door stops (4) down the trunk into the slots 


4) Last we tie it down to the boat lift points (2) using small ratchets to reduce & eliminate movement   


Our method although a little crude worked fine for our longest journey last year (1500 miles), and we had no damage.  We'll be using the same one again this year for our trip to Charleston.



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