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Engine & Rudder Storage


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I'm a new J70 owner and interested to know if anyone has come up with a good solution for some sort of bag to place the engine in prior to stowing below.  Something padded that won't slide around.  Also, where can I find a protective cover/bag  for my rudder?







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I know this is going to sound weird but...  We store our motor (Yamaha 2.5 long shaft) in a padded golf bag made by Bag Boy (model T10; cost about $140).  The bag has a soft bottom and a hard lid.  We stick the prop in the hard lid and zip it up.   Harken also makes a soft engine bag for $200.  One additional benefit to the golf bag are the rollers on the bottom - very convenient when we take the motor anywhere off the boat. 


For all your covers & bags contact Rod at Vela Sailing Supply - they carry the Harken Canvas line of covers and bags.  Last year from trial and error we discovered you should have 3 bags - rudder & tiller (while moored) and the hatch board bag (while sailing).  There are not a ton of good places to store the hatch and slide where they will not get damaged while sailing or stowing (class rule required equipment).


The covers and padded bags are a great investment, we are very pleased with ours.




Forgot to mention...  In the off-season (if you have one) you can use the Harken Hatch Board bag for storing you forestay and shrouds.

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