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  1. Measurement Certificate, Professionally Bottom Painted VC17, Two full sets north Sails (white spinnaker used once), 1 Ullman Jib, Yamaha 4 stroke 2.5 hp, Pro-start with Carbo fiber mast mount, Turning blocks for Vang, Back Stay Flicker, Windex, Third Hands, Cross blocks for jib sheeting, Full Boat Covers, Triad Trailer (new spare), Two sets pintle (one bronze), Spinnaker launch bag (sail 22), Soft covers, New Main Halyard, Upgraded Spinnaker cleat, Upgraded Spinnaker Shive, Up grade outhaul, all required equipment including anchor, docking lines, bumpers. Located Burlington Vermont. Not sailed 2020. All waxed and polished. Will be splashed soon if not sold. One owner boat! Can be reached at johnwbeal@gmail.com
  2. Has the previous answer(below)changed now that there is an interior mount available? "Polk- storing the outboard is done by virtually all boats by placing them in protective bags, then placing it on one side of keel. Place gas or in case of electric outboard no the other side of keel. - Stu J" My crew wants to mount the engine forward the mast column. I still think low and bagged is best? Thanks,