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Found 1 result

  1. All Here we are having just finished the first full year of our boat being on the market, water, and racing. My understanding from the National side of things is that several Rule changes are going to be made after the Nationals held in Annapolis this year, but before 2014. With that in mind and being in the position of an owner that really has no official say, I thought this would be a great time to gather some information from you fellow J70 owners about what if any rules you think need changing. if every one will submit their collective ideas on this post, I will committ to putting together a comprehensive report for the notiaonal officers and the folks at JBoats, to express our ideas and see if we can at least ensure our ideas as owners are heard. Let me add that last year before the Key West rules were issued, and after the Fall Brawl rule survey, Jeff Johnstone spend several hours talking about the potential rules ideas the owners had and, at least I think, made fair decisions about the changes. OK So please submit your suggestions including the following information: Name Hull Number J70 Class Member ID or not (If you are not a class member Please become one) your rule change suggestions in separate numbered paragraphs. I will keep this post going through August 15th at which time I will put all suggestions together in a report, post the report here on the forum and forward the report to Jeff and Al, Chris Howell and Sean O'Keeffe. Also keep in mind that those guys will probably be reading this all the way along. Finally, here are a few big issues that came out of Key West and some of the other bigger regattas: 1. Should there be a weight limit or not? Or is the current rule fine? 2. SHould professional sailors (ISAF cat 3) be allowed to drive, own boats, sail on boats as crew...? 3. Should owners be allowed to remove the winches? Well there you go. The more responses the better. Also please remember I have no official role here other than that I am a J70 owner and am very interested in our members having a voice in the rule changes that we will have to sail under. Tate Russack Hull #47 J70TRUS1 __._,_.___