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  1. Hello everyone. Wanted to chime in as I am new to the J70 class but not new to competitive one designs with similar rules; in particular the M24 class. 1. Should there be a weight limit or not? Or is the current rule fine? I see there is a variance in opinions both on # of crew and weight limit. I am a proponent to make the class as accessible as possible for as many crews as possible while maintaining a competitive class and fair one design rule. I propose a pure weight limit of 335 lbs / ~740lbs with no crew limit. Events have shown teams competitive in all wind conditions between 700-740 lbs. Using weight vs # of crew allows a completive women's, family or junior team to compete with 4 or 5. In terms of having to weigh in, its part of one design racing. By definition it would not be one design without such rules... Instead, let's find ways to make the weigh in process easier? One option is to have class rules allow for spot checking of crew weight of the top 3-5 teams after racing - no upfront weigh in, honor system with a penalty for being over. 2. Should professional sailors (ISAF cat 3) be allowed to drive, own boats, sail on boats as crew...? Yes but with some restriction. The spirit of this class (see emails above about sailing with family and kids etc) is a competitive class where we can compete without carbo/water loss dieting for max weight and hiking like a sand bag and where the top teams are always pros with multi-boat programs. That said, I suggest we allow 1 cat 3 pro per boat which can mean owner = pro driver. In the event the owner is a pro, they are responsible for 100% of the costs. Why? This allows teams to higher a pro tactician or trimmer etc yet reduces the fully professional crews making the overall class competitive. By having a pro owner responsible for 100% of the costs (this is an exception to current owner 50% of more), we reduce the scenarios where owners make deals with pros to circumvent the rules and ensure those pros that want to "own" a J70 do in-fact own the J70 and compete on technique as noted. 3. Should owners be allowed to remove the winches? Yes but weight must be compensated for. We don't use them, not sure if they are needed with cross sheeting banjo technique.