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  1. GCarr

    Keel Protectors

    Dave, I assume you want a travel solution... If you want the quick solution, Sail22 has the wedges (delrins): http://store.sail22.com/j-70/accessories/j-70-keel-protectors/ Our less glamorous method: 1) We use a piece of cut hose for the trailing edge (pushed down into the trunk), 2) We wrap the forward edge & sides with a clear desk protector (again wiggled down into the trunk) - http://www.staples.com/Artistic-40-x-25-Second-Sight-Clear-Plastic-Desk-Protector-Clear/product_AOPSS2540 3) We then slide rubber door stops (4) down the trunk into the slots 4) Last we tie it down to the boat lift points (2) using small ratchets to reduce & eliminate movement Our method although a little crude worked fine for our longest journey last year (1500 miles), and we had no damage. We'll be using the same one again this year for our trip to Charleston. Cheers, G
  2. Great we are on the right track! Thanks for the tip on the bungee and the vang. Cheers, G
  3. Looking for input on positioning the banjo cleats. Have looked through the pictures on APS Ltd. photos of J70s 28, 45 and 47. Each has a slightly different take on the position. One has them forward of the stock cleats, one has them back and one has them forward and slightly outboard. Does anyone have the quick answer on the best position? Nobody on our boat has ever used them so it is totally new to us. We appreciate any advice! Thanks, G
  4. Does anyone have any ideas on this? Size or model of the cheek block? Drilling & mounting advice, or a picture? Has anyone used a fairlead instead? We are considering a couple options: 1) http://www.harken.com/productdetail.aspx?id=4523&taxid=416 2) http://www.harken.com/productdetail.aspx?id=41606&taxid=7594 Any advice is appreciated. Cheers, G
  5. GCarr

    Engine & Rudder Storage

    I know this is going to sound weird but... We store our motor (Yamaha 2.5 long shaft) in a padded golf bag made by Bag Boy (model T10; cost about $140). The bag has a soft bottom and a hard lid. We stick the prop in the hard lid and zip it up. Harken also makes a soft engine bag for $200. One additional benefit to the golf bag are the rollers on the bottom - very convenient when we take the motor anywhere off the boat. For all your covers & bags contact Rod at Vela Sailing Supply - they carry the Harken Canvas line of covers and bags. Last year from trial and error we discovered you should have 3 bags - rudder & tiller (while moored) and the hatch board bag (while sailing). There are not a ton of good places to store the hatch and slide where they will not get damaged while sailing or stowing (class rule required equipment). The covers and padded bags are a great investment, we are very pleased with ours. Cheers, G Forgot to mention... In the off-season (if you have one) you can use the Harken Hatch Board bag for storing you forestay and shrouds.