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  1. polkwagner

    Where To Keep The Outboard For Racing?

    I have a Torqueedo and we fasten the shaft on the available interior mount (just forward of the compression post). The battery goes on the floor under the step. Handle in the bucket. Seems to work well; no method is ideal. Polk
  2. What I have done is: - Use 1/4" bungee - Tie the forward need on to the knot of the pole launch line (note: I put a knot on both sides of the hole in the tube to prevent movement/chafing). - I extend the bungee back and tie it to a small webbing loop that is fastened to a bolt protruding underside of one of the jib sheet cleats (remove the nut, slip the webbing loop over the end of the bolt, add a small washer, and retighten the nut). This is pretty much a straight line pulling the pole in. - Experiment with tension until you get enough to send the pole in crisply without creating a mach3 missile (and a huge bang). I've also put a stopper knot in the launch line such that the pole launch line takes the stress of the pole return rather than banging the pole end against the boat (wouldn't want the pole end to pop off!).
  3. New owner of a J-70. I'm sure this will be obvious once I go to a big regatta, but I'm wondering what people do to store the outboard? On the sole below the companionway? Slide it back behind the keel somehow? In a bag? Make a bracket? Thanks in advance! Polk
  4. Sorry for posting here, I didn't know where else to post this. Are there other forums/sites/discussion boards where J-70 Owners frequent? I'm a new owner and would like to discuss the boat, etc. This site seems somewhat inactive. Thanks, Polk Wagner