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  1. Here are my thoughts on the three questions: 1. Should there be a weight limit or not? Or is the current rule fine? I like having no weight limit. Best of all, it eliminates the burden of weigh-ins prior to regattas which are hated by most. It is up to each skipper to make a judgement on what team is best for a particular regatta. Go heavy or light at your own risk. Our own experience is that you can be competitive on both the heavy and light side of the weight spectrum. It comes more down to technique. 2. SHould professional sailors (ISAF cat 3) be allowed to drive, own boats, sail on boats as crew...? One of the reason I like the J70 class is that pro's are able to participate as both drivers and crew. This makes the J70 class a fantastically competitive and exciting class. Pro drivers should have at least some ownership connection to the boat they drive. 3. Should owners be allowed to remove the winches? Yes, owners should definitely be able to remove the winches. They cause more injuries and bruises than they deliver benefit. I have already had a crew break a finger when jammed between the winch and someone's body. Many teams never use the winch systems at all. To address the issue of removing weight, it has been suggested that teams that don't want the winches can screw them in upside down beneath the deck. I like this option. Brian Keane Savasana #96