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  1. Located in Burlington, Vermont. 1 Owner. Sailed on Lake Champlain (fresh water). Extra Equipment: Triad Trailer, 2.5 HP Yamaha, Pro Start with Carbon Fiber mount, Spinnaker retrieval bag, Top Cover, Hull Cover, Boom Cover, Rudder Cover, mast base replaced, New Out Haul, New Main Halyard, Flicker, Wind indicator, Loos Gauge , Vang turning blocks, Interior engine mount, 2 sets pintles, 3 jibs, 2 North Mains (one Cross cut), 2 Asyms (1 blue, 1 white (like new), required safety package, Bottom professionally painted 3 coats VC 17
  2. Has the previous answer(below)changed now that there is an interior mount available? "Polk- storing the outboard is done by virtually all boats by placing them in protective bags, then placing it on one side of keel. Place gas or in case of electric outboard no the other side of keel. - Stu J" My crew wants to mount the engine forward the mast column. I still think low and bagged is best? Thanks,