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  1. For sale: J/70 Harken Hull Cover (3 piece - full bottom cover) Great condition - Lightly used Harken Bottom cover available immediately, great for protecting your J70 hull while traveling or storing boat. See more details here: https://proofpointisolation.com/browser?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.velasailingsupply.com%2Fharken-j-70-bottom-cover%2F Avoid current back log time on covers. Retail Price $1450 Selling for $700 Shipping from Annapolis More details or purchase, contact Jenn Norwood (J70 #419) Jennifernorwood103@gmail.com or 410.703.9566
  2. J/70 Hull 335 Triad Trailer Spare tire High extension bars for trailer Trailer box Doyle sails – 5/19 Tac Tic with thru hull fitting New lines 2019 – used 1 regatta Tiller extension Soft deck Keel lift Mast cover Padded covers for mast, tiller, keel, spreaders 2018 Honda 2.3Hp Long and Short lifting straps Safety equipment $37,000 obo Amy Neill 847-971-3867
  3. Hull #1112. Better than NEW! This owner takes AMAZING care of his boats. Full boat cover that protects the deck and top sides from the weather. The boat was set up for cruising but is class legal. Immaculate Condition. Never raced, never in salt water, never trailered after original delivery. Kept on boat lift (completely out of water, including keel) at private boat dock on fresh water lake with full cover at all times except when sailing. Quantum Sails: • 2017 Dynakote Spinnaker (Hot Yellow with Black #1112) In like-new condition-Used less than 10 times, Class Royalty paid • 2017 Cruising Jib with zipper luff and white UV cover (reworked and freshened with new luff tube, luff zipper, head o-ring, and added rectangular window in November 2020), Class Royalty paid. • 2020 Cruising Jib with zipper luff and white UV Cover (purchased October 2020 and used once while above jib being repaired and freshened), Class Royalty paid • 2017 Cruising Mainsail with slugs and Blue Draft Stripes, Class Royalty paid Other Accessories: • Velocitek Pro-start with Carbon Fiber Mast Bracket • Harken Carbo 150 Jib Cleats for Cross-sheeting • Harken Carbo 29mm cheek blocks • Carbon-fiber look wear plates for deck blocks (4) • Sail 22 Third Hands • Sail 22 Rig Tuning Tool • Mooring Lines • All new Jib Halyard, Main Halyard, Spinnaker Halyard, Back Stay, Back Stay Bridle, Flicker 10mm lead ring and line attachment, and Jib Sheets installed April 2022. • Davis Windex 15 (with anti-bird spike) • Harken Tiller Lock Down Solo-sailing system (Not Class Legal) • Loos Pro PT2 Tension Gauge • Backstay Flicker • Extra set of Rudder Pins • Ronstan Drink Holders Seabrook, Texas, United States $52,900Purchase Scott@JBoatsSouthwest.com 512-423-2179
  4. Location Savona yard or Brescia (nearby Lago di Garda). Boat Built in 2017. The boat has been used in 5 regattas in the last two seasons and always stored indoors and professionally managed. The boat has been upgraded with different accessories. Accessories - Professional alignment of keel & rudder - Grey non-skid foam applied to cockpit floor - New SnubbAir winches - B&G electronics & velocitek - Road trailer with boxes - Honda 2.5 - Complete Gottifredi & Maffioli new running rig package - All covers and many other extra Sails 2019/20 North Sails Mainsail (Average Condition) 2019/20 North Sails Jib (Average Condition) 2019/20 North Sails Jib (Average Condition) 2019/20 Asymmetric Spinnaker (Average Condition) 2021 North Sails Mainsail XCS-2 Mainsail (Good Condition) 2021 North Sails F1 Mainsail (Good Condition) 2021 North Sails J-2 High Clew Jib (Good Condition) 2021 North Sails AP-1 (Dk Blue) Dynakote Asymmetric (Good Condition) 2022 North Sails F1 Mainsail (Good Condition) 2022 North Sails J-2 High Clew Jib (Good Condition) 2022 North Sails AP-1 (White) Airx Asymmetric (Good Condition) Sale Price: Euro 54K Delivery after Riva (July 2022) or after Montecarlo 2022 World championship Contact Giuseppe Di Stefano (gidistefano@gmail.com)
  5. The Southern J70 mast package from USA 26 (Midlife Crisis) is for sale. The mast comes complete including mast, boom, shrouds and halyards. The mast has had all the factory recommended maintenance done to it. Price is $6,900 for the complete package. Please call or e-mail Bruce Golison to find out where the mast package will be (everything is on the boat which travels to regattas) e-mail: bruce@golison.com phone: (562) 305 - 6424
  6. HI Julie,

    I have a J70 Hull # 1032 that I would like to sell.  How do I list it on this forum?

    My cell is: 248-7016514.

    Any assistance would be appreciated,


    1. Julie


      If you are unable to post directly, you can e-mail your ad to howell@j70office.com

  7. Hi Julie, I’m looking for a J70 and it looks like you have 2 listings.  I can’t tell from the site or listing where these boats are located.  Are they still avail and where are they located and can I get further details on them?  



    1. Julie


      I don't have additional information than what is posted.  You should reach out to the owners directly.