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  1. Justmike

    Mainsail Prefeeder And Boltrope

    Did you try bending the prefeeder out a bit on both sides? This was a good solution for me. Just wondering what sailmaker are you using?
  2. Not sure if this is the appropriate sub-forum but it I had to put it somewhere and so here it is. Does anyone have any experience or tips they are willing to provide for single hand racing a J/70? I’ve got a race coming up and I’m just looking for some insight others might have had. Do you run the jib sheets back to the winches and use that cleat? Do you over tighten rigging to make up for lack of weight on the rails? Is running your tether to the back life line a good solution? That kind of stuff Thanks, Mike Pitt Northwest Fleet Captain #19 DaSpencer PS I also posted this on the Yahoo Group but thought it would be nice to have replies here to help drive traffic to the forum
  3. First let me say thanks to everyone that helped getting the forums functional, while the Yahoo group is a good solution for distro of communication a forum is a considerably better options for topics like these. Also let's hope this forum stays constructive and doesn't spiral down to the level of SA forums. Here is a reposting of my email about the original questions - Here are my thoughts on these three questions 1. Should there be a weight limit or not? Or is the current rule fine? **MP** I like the current rule set, but if a weight limit is put in place I think 750 is more appropriate 2. SHould professional sailors (ISAF cat 3) be allowed to drive, own boats, sail on boats as crew...? **MP** I think owners should drive, beyond that no restrictions on who owns or crews 3. Should owners be allowed to remove the winches? **MP** If the thought around this is that they are replaced with plates that are equal to the weight of the winches then yes owners should be allowed to remove them if they wish. Which is something I may ellect to do for light wind regattas