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  1. Chris Howell

    2013 J/70 North American Championship

    Entry list http://www.j70nac.com/index.php/the-event/current-entrants/
  2. Chris Howell

    J/70 Building Specification

    Please see this link from J/70 Class web page for building specifications http://www.j70class.com/files/3013/7272/4135/J70%20Builder%20Specifications%206-18-13.pdf Questions?
  3. Chris Howell

    C.3.2 Limitations On The Driver

    C.3.2 LIMITATIONS ON THE DRIVER The Driver shall be a current class member in good standing, and meet the following criteria except in the event of an emergency involving the safety of the boat or crew where the boat may be steered by any crew member. Any such incident shall be reported to the protest committee which may penalize the boat. The penalty may be less than disqualification. (a) Permitted Drivers: (i) Owner - a crew who legally owns and pays 50% of the yacht and the running costs. (ii) Crew Member - a Group 1 Competitor per the ISAF Sailor Classification Code Regulation 22. All non-owner Group 1 Drivers shall hold valid classifications. (Competitors requiring a classification should apply on the ISAF website www.sailing.org/classification). (iii) Charterer - an Owner or Group 1 Charterer confirmed by the Owner of the boat for that event. b For events of six or less consecutive days, not more than two Drivers can be designated, at least one of which must be an Owner. From five minutes before the start until the finish, the boat shall be helmed by the designated Driver(s) except for momentary absences for personal or shipboard needs not to exceed five (5) minutes when a Group 1 crew member may drive. © The class executive committee shall be the sole interpreter of who qualifies as an Owner. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How is this rule working?
  4. Chris Howell

    C.3.1 Limitations On The Crew

    C.3 CREW C.3.1 LIMITATIONS ON THE CREW (a) The crew shall consist of 3 or 4 persons. ( No crew member shall be substituted during the world championship and any event of 6 or less consecutive days, without the approval of the race committee or Jury. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How is this rule working? What crew weight works best for your team?