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  1. wadethebuilder

    J/70 Coach

    Hey all... Im a new J/70 owner, 699, Safety Third... loving the boat so far, tons of fun... learning lots about how to sail it but looking to learn more because we are pretty slow... We are sharp guys but feel we could use some help getting up to speed. Anyhow, looking for a coach to come along to an event with me and the crew sometime soon maybe over the summer or fall. Never really hired a sailing coach before but happy to compensate someone thats qualified for their time... If anyone has any recommendations along these lines or ideas on ways to improve other than the most common response of "sail the boat more often" id appreciate it... we are sailing a lot but feel some good direction could go a long way for us. Anyhow, thanks, we were in Columbia for Easter Regatta and in Charleston, and are planning some more events, happy to travel anywhere in the country, but based in Charlotte, NC. -Wade
  2. wadethebuilder

    J/70 Class Rules - Where To Find

    Hey Good news... I found them on the international site... anyone else who is not sure where to find them, here is a link... http://www.j70ica.org/?page_id=271
  3. wadethebuilder

    J/70 Class Rules - Where To Find

    Hey all... Im new to owning a J/70... looking forward to some great racing this year... Im trying to figure out where I can get a copy of the class rules... I didn't see them anywhere posted on the forum, may have overlooked... can someone direct me to where I could download a copy to make sure I am playing fair out there! Thanks Wade Miller #699