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    J70 High Trailer

    I have a "new" Loadmaster keel down trailer for sale. Overbuilt as I wanted it to be the last trailer I ever purchased. 5200# torsion single axle galvanized with 16" Aluminum wheels and E rated tires Electric drum brakes with break away system. Two jacks - Front and Rear Two mounted spare tires on matching rims All stainless hardware Two custom aluminum diamond plate waterproof locking boxes long enough for sails and the boom. Reinforced fenders with non skid that you can stand on. The bunks have not been installed so it is ready to be fit to someone's boat. All the hardware and padding included. Has ground effect lights and a hitch on the back for a bike rack or tow a second trailer (has a light pigtail) as the trailer is reinforced. I had the same trailer without the bells and whistles and used it to go to Mexico and up and down the East Coast and it was fantastic. (Hence the reason for not using this one.) No more heartbreak when you showed from the regatta and found the keel all banged up. This trailer was brought to Annapolis from the factory in 2018 and put in storage so it has never been used or assembled. I have over $11,000 into the trailer with our fleet discount at the time and not including delivery of the trailer, bunks, foam etc. Located in Annapolis, Maryland. I may be able to help with delivery. Asking $9,500 obo. Please contact Thom Bowen at Bowen1879 (at) aol.com if interested. I can send pictures as well.
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  4. Original owner 898 asking $45k located in San Francisco, CA 5 North sails mains 6 North sails jibs 4 North sails spinnakers (2 white, pink, blue) tactic ray marine through hull boatspeed velocitek with carbon brand new top cover barely used full bottom cover mast cover boom cover hatch cover rudder cover anchor honda 2 horsepower outboard with cover trailer (very, very low miles) with one dockbox Contact Christy at christy.usher@gmail.com.
  5. HI Julie,

    I have a J70 Hull # 1032 that I would like to sell.  How do I list it on this forum?

    My cell is: 248-7016514.

    Any assistance would be appreciated,


    1. Julie


      If you are unable to post directly, you can e-mail your ad to howell@j70office.com

  6. For Sale: J/70 Hull #543 - Traverse City, MI Price: $29,500 Specifications: 2014 competitive dry-sailed J 70 with Triad trailer. Boat always stored indoors on trailer during off-season. Boat only used thru 2017 season; freshwater racing only. Features: Torqueedo motor Velocitek Prostart with carbon mast bracket Raptor soft deck Boom tent cover and jib cover Padded covers for rudder, tiller and boom Upgrades: Blocks for cross sheeting Spinnaker launch bag Sail 22: Tapered jib furler Backstay rigging with flicker 3rd hand on shrouds Brass rudder pins Misc.: Marine radio, tools, fenders, life jackets and spare rigging. Contact: Tom Bosch 231-881-8801 tom.bosch@me.com
  7. 2013 J70 - $35,000 Hull #183 - Excellent Condition; under weight Raced primarily at Davis Island winter series; otherwise stored indoors 2 sets North Class sails Triad trailer with 2 attached dock boxes + spare tire Torquedo outboard (needs new battery) Kinder Industries top and bottom cover; rudder bag; boom bag; partial mast cover Sail22 mast bracket (for travel) Sail22 Spin Halyard, Sail22 jib sheets with dog bone; Sail22 Backstay; Sail22 furling line; Sail 22 jib uphaul Boat currently in Sarasota, FL Contact Mark: 201 819 7901; gorman.mark.j@gmail.com
  8. jwallace

    Hull #411

    J70 ‘SELKIE’ #411 Price: $35,000 SPECIFICATIONS: Competitive drysailed J70 with class measurement and everything you need to go racing. Located in Shelburne Vermont. HULL & DECKS: · Hull center seam smoothed and keel imperfections repaired. SAILS: · 2018 North J-2 High Clew jib · 2018 North XCS-2 Mainsail · 2017 North AP1 Air-X spinnaker · 2 sets of practice/cruising sails ELECTRONICS: · Velocitek ProStart and Tacktick compass with carbon mast bracket RIGGING: · Sail 22 - Jib clew blocks and dog bone, upgraded tapered jib furler and tack line, outhaul and dog bone, backstay flicker, 3rd hands, cross sheet blocks · Upgraded halyards · Upgraded gudgeons installed plumb COVERS: · Top tent storage cover · Padded rudder and boom bags. · Soft companionway cover · Spinnaker launch bag ENGINES: · Honda 2.3 hp long shaft TRAILER: · 2013 Triad with dock box Contact: Jack Wallace | jwallace@gmavt.net | 802.598.9706
  9. 2015 J70 Stainless Steel Rudder Pins for sale! SS Rudder Pins with stainless steel wire safety line and clips. $50 or best offer. Call or email Gregg at 301-501-6115 or gregg.zurmuhlen@gmail.com.
  10. 2019 Harken 40mm Carbo for sale! Never used Spinnaker Halyard Harken 40mm Carbot Pivot Lead with Al Cam. $50 or best offer. Call or email Gregg at 301-501-6115 or gregg.zurmuhlen@gmail.com
  11. 2012 Harken 8” Winches for sale! Two rarely used- Harken 8” plain top, classic winch, aluminum, 1 speed, power ratio 1 7.5. $250 for both or $150 each or best offer. Call or email Gregg at 301-501-6115 or gregg.zurmuhlen@gmail.com.
  12. 2016 Raymarine T060 Micro Compass for sale! Raymarine Solar Powered Micro Compass provides tactical information (Heading & and tacking angles); Comes with carrying case and mounting cradle. $250 or best offer. Call or email Gregg at 301-501-6115 or gregg.zurmuhlen@gmail.com.
  13. Gregg Zurmuhlen

    2018 Velocitek Shift for sale!

    2018 Velocitek Shift for sale! Velocitek Shift provides tactical information (Heading & lift header bar graph); Comes with original box; quick start guide; carrying case; low profile mounting cradle and J70 Mast Carbon Fiber Mounting bracket. $500 or best offer. Call or email Gregg at 301-501-6115 or gregg.zurmuhlen@gmail.com.
  14. 2018 Velocitek Speed Puck for sale! Velocitek Speed Puck provides tactical information (Speed, heading, lift header bar graph, max speed recall); Comes with original box; waterproof to 3 m; mounting cradle and J70 Mast Carbon Fiber Mounting bracket. $300 or best offer. Call or email Gregg at 301-501-6115 or gregg.zurmuhlen@gmail.com.
  15. 2018 Velocitek Pro Start for sale! Velocitek Pro Start provides Race Mode (Compass, Speed and wind shift tracking); Start Mode (Distance to the line and count down timer) and Data Logging ( (Lat, Long, Time/, Speed, and Headings) Comes with original box; waterproof battery gasket; USB download cord; spare hinges; mounting cradle and J70 Mast Mounting bracket. $600 or best offer. Call or email Gregg at 301-501-6115 or gregg.zurmuhlen@gmail.com.
  16. 2012 J/70 Triad Trailer for sale! Trailer passed Maryland state inspection; does not include boat, storage boxes or dry sail "keel down mode" upgrade. Asking price: $1,250 OR best offer. Location: Annapolis, Maryland. Call or email Gregg at 301-501-6115 or gregg.zurmuhlen@gmail.com. Details of similar trailer at https://www.triadtrailers.com/triad-trailer-gallery/sailboat-trailers/triad-trailers-under-24-feet/j-70/
  17. 2013 J/70 trailer for sale! trailer does not include boxes or drysail "keel down mode" upgrade location: Marblehead Massachusetts Asking price: $1,500 OR best offer Call or email Daan Goedkoop at 617.304.9284 or goedkoopj02@yahoo.com
  18. Hull #696 $39,000 SMOKIN ‘ J Ullman sails used only twice since new. 1 a-sail spinnakers still in sail bag bran new Yamaha outboard 2.3HP in storage bag Raptor deck in cockpit. Velocitek Pro Start computer and mast bracket Padded rudder bag. Main cover, Jib sock Flicker, Shroud locking bars, 3rd hand Upgraded line package Main sheet, Jib sheets 9k tack line. Safety gear, horn, fire ext, First Aid Kit, Flares, etc. Boom tent. Anchor, chain and line. Triad trailer, Spare tire, LED lights, PCV tubes, Rear jack, SS Brakes, launching bar. Trailer storage box Photos available This is my personal J70 is stored on a boat lift at PYC NC. The bottom , keel and rudder are perfect. Keel box is modified so that keel extends to max depth. I have installed a removable roll bar at the traveler so to give me assistance to tack the boat in heavy winds . I am 87 years young and need some help in tacking in big winds. I started sailing at 11 years old and it’s time to stop competitive racing. Don Trask 510-385-4094 J Boats Carolina djtboats@aol.com
  19. J70 "HONEY PI" #314 Price: $37,000 Specifications All white hull – no bottom paint. Honey Pi (#314) is a fast boat that has always been dry-sailed/raced by her original owners Southern Spars mast and boom (mast base plug barrier-coated per J Boats recommendation) Jib cross sheeting cleats / backstay flicker Harken winches & deck hardware package Sails 2017 North XCS-1 Mainsail (used on 3 race days in 2017 and 10 light air race days in each of 2018 & 2019) 2016 North SD-1 Mainsail (used on 10 light air race days in each of 2016 & 2017) 2013 North M2 Mainsail 2016 North SD-1 Jib 2013 North J-2 Jib North Spinnaker (used on 10 light air race days in each of 2018 & 2019) Rigging / Other Sail22 upgraded Cunningham Sail22 upgraded backstay and spare original backstay Sail22 Third Hands on shrouds Sail22 shroud locks with spares Sail22 upgraded traveler (new and uninstalled) Sail22 continuous tapered spinnaker sheet (used once) and spare original sheets Main sheet, jib sheets, tack line, outhaul, boom vang Ronstan Battlestick tiller extension Harken cockpit line bags (3) Velcro companionway soft cover Rudder & tiller padded travel covers UV-protective jib cover (to protect jib when rolled around the headstay) Sail22 soft lifting straps for hull and keel – for launching and hauling out the boat on a hoist Mast crutch with roller to facilitate raising and lowering the mast Boat top cover (when on trailer) Keel crane Engine Honda 2.3 hp long shaft outboard Engine padded bag to stow engine forward on V berth Sail22 bracket to stow engine forward on V berth (new and uninstalled) Additional Equipment Triad J/70 Trailer with extenders for keel-down use and Fulton F2 jack. Keel strap to brace keel while trailering. Driven only 10 miles per year (other than the 50-mile trip from the factory in Portsmouth RI). Other Honey Pi or π (Hull No. 314) is an exceptionally well cared for and competitive boat that is being offered by her original owners, who have compiled a strong race record, including several wins in the Fishers Island Round Island Race (J70 one design class). She has been stored indoors on her trailer during the off-season and has only been raced locally, so the keel and keel trunk have not been subjected to the wear & tear of road travel. CONTACT Tom Mayotte | 978-551-0321 | tomm@ecys.com Honey Pi #314.pdf
  20. Hi Julie, I’m looking for a J70 and it looks like you have 2 listings.  I can’t tell from the site or listing where these boats are located.  Are they still avail and where are they located and can I get further details on them?  



    1. Julie


      I don't have additional information than what is posted.  You should reach out to the owners directly.

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